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Palomar Law Group is a North San Diego-based General Practice law firm, providing legal services for families and businesses throughout Southern California. Our main areas of practice include business, real estate, trust and probate disputes, and personal injury.

Palomar Law Group is located in Escondido, in the heart of San Diego’s North County. Our firm is focused on serving families and their businesses when legal questions and disputes arise. To help clients create effective solutions to legal concerns, or to resolve legal disputes, we carefully prioritize the needs of the clients and their businesses. This means that for each client, our attorneys are mindful of the tremendous financial and emotional strain legal disputes can place on clients, their families, and their businesses. When counseling clients, this approach informs and determines the decisions every step of the way from the outset of the matter, to final resolution.

Our attorneys assess the situation and apply the best principles to help clients make responsible decisions. With deep experience in a wide range of practice areas, our attorneys take the time to listen carefully, and then thoughtfully counsel the client in order to find the best solution. This careful assessment is critical for the well-being of the client and their family.

Escondido General Practice Lawyers

Contact Palomar Law Group [link: contact us] for skilled legal advice by calling (760) 747-2202. We serve clients in Southern California, mainly in communities of North County San Diego. We offer the initial consultation free of charge.

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General Practice Lawyer Representation

We understand our clients are facing a serious problem that may require a huge financial commitment. We feel that it is our duty to educate each client on the potential impact the case may have. We help clients understand the possible emotional and financial toll while considering the reality of litigation.

Our experienced General Practice Attorneys discuss the litigation budget with each client. In this way, we are able to create solutions which preserve the family from reckless decisions.

Escondido General Practice Attorneys

Our firm handles a range of legal matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Business Law

    Our Business Attorneys first evaluate each client’s business goals and then design a plan of action to achieve those objectives. We also handle formation, collection, partnerships, buyouts, and litigation matters.

  • Business Formation

    We examine the workings of the business to discover strengths and also weaknesses. In this way, our Business Lawyers help to build a strong foundation for new enterprises.

  • Business Litigation

    We look at business disputes from all angles to uncover the most effective approach.

  • Real Estate Law

    As experienced Real Estate Lawyers, we examine the client’s goal and work to achieve measurable success.

  • Real Estate Litigation

    Our Real Estate Attorneys are seasoned litigators who have experience handling a wide range of real estate disputes, including HOA disputes, neighbor disputes, land use issues, and more.

  • Real Estate Transactions

    We look out for our client’s best interests in transactional matters, and provide the information necessary for the client to make informed decisions. Our work includes purchases, leases, CC& Rs, foreclosures, nondisclosure claims, and specific performance.

  • Landlord/Tenant Law

    By exclusively representing landlords in landlord/tenant disputes, we are able to efficiently handle unlawful detainer actions and lease disputes for a flat fee.

  • Construction Law

    We provide representation customized to address the unique aspects of each construction law case in a wide range of matters, including construction disputes, contract review, mechanic’s lien claims, delay disputes, and work failure disputes.

  • Trust & Estate Litigation

    Our experience includes trustee claims, will and trust contests, incapacity, forgery, and undue influence.

  • Probate Litigation

    We help clients grapple with tough issues after the death of a loved one.

  • Personal Injury

    For clients injured in an accident, we help develop and pursue a realistic goal to address current and future financial needs.

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Call our experienced General Practice Attorneys for knowledgeable advice and counsel today. We will do a full evaluation of the case, and offer ideas for protecting your family and your business with sound principles of planning, dispute avoidance, and when needed, dispute resolution. We focus on helping clients make financially beneficial decisions.

Contact the General Practice Lawyers at Palomar Law Group at (760) 747-2202, or contact us online by completing our Case Evaluation Form. We will respond soon for a convenient appointment.

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